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Looking for more ways to reduce
your waste?

Image by Waldemar Brandt

Textile Recycling

We've teamed up with our friends at Earth Warrior to provide you with a spot to drop off any textiles that are too stained, ripped or well loved to be donated. 

Our Criteria

  • Must be clean

  • Stains and holes are acceptable

  • We love bedsheets

  • Fabric pieces and scraps are great 

  • Absolutely no undergarments or socks

  • No furniture or pillows

All textiles are categorized and separated depending on the type and condition it is in. From there the textiles are used by local makers, shared with Blenderz Garment Recyclers or shredded for stuffing. 

Earth Warrior is committed to keeping as many textiles out of landfills as possible and we're happy to help as a drop off location!

Jar'd Recycling Program

The Jar’d Recycling Program allows you to recycle common household items that are not accepted by local curbside recycling programs. It includes unlimited recycling of the following items dropped off at Jar’d at any time during normal business hours. Or a once a month curbside pick-up is available for those in the City of Leduc.

  • Coffee bags (any size)

  • Pet food bags (any size, includes treat bags)

  • Baby puree pouches

  • Gerber baby snack tins (only Gerber at this time)

  • Plastic toothbrushes

  • Toothpaste tubes

  • Glass jars (cleaned with labels off)

Image by Noah Buscher
Image by Gary Chan

Jar'd Recycling Program Sign Up 

Unlimited Recycling Dropped Off at Jar'd:

Invoiced monthly: $9/month 

Invoiced yearly: $84/year 

Monthly Curbside Pickup (available only in the City of Leduc at this time):

Invoiced yearly: $108/year

We're working with Wild + Pine to help reforest Alberta! With each sign-up we donate $3 towards reforestation efforts in our own backyard. 

Sign up here for the Jar'd Recycling Program! 

Have more questions? Check out our FAQ page or send us an email

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