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Mercantile Shopping

Mercantile stores were historically a retail store serving a sparsely populated region; usually stocked with a wide variety of merchandise. Many stores would have sourced local products that would have been sold in bulk quantities with customers taking as little or as much as they needed at that time. There also was very little packaging, and any there was would have been re-usable (think cloth, paper, and glass). Mercantiles were also a place of gathering where you could hear the latest gossip, have a cup of coffee around the wood stove and say hi to your neighbours.


At our mercantile you'll find exactly that - local, well sourced products that have the added benefit of being as low waste as possible; brought to you by a staff that cares about you and the community.


We know how stressful shopping has become, our mainstream markets are built for economy and to feed the masses while a large corporation benefits. If you're anything like us, we worry about where the products are coming from, if the workers growing/making it are treated properly, what ingredients are used, how much packaging is wasteful, and who is deciding what we see on the shelves. Because the people making the decision to stock the shelves at big box chains aren't thinking about your well being over their profits. 

That's where we come in. All of our products have been sourced, vetted, and tested on ourselves. We've done the legwork so you don't have to, although you can if you'd like! Nothing makes us happier than talking about our products and why we love them. Don't see something you think we should carry, let us know. We want to be your go to for the basics and take your feedback to heart. We like to think of ourselves as a an old time mercantile brought into the 21st century - we care about our suppliers, our customers, and our community. And we hope that you'll join us on this wonderful journey turning the old way of shopping into the new way. 

Our Mission

About Us

Katherine Dogterom always dreamed of starting her own business, the problem was she didn't know what to do. Then, in early 2019 an idea started to form after visiting her favourite stores. While many promoted their healthy or ethically sourced items, they were still packaged in many layers of plastic. And she often missed weekend farmers markets while out hiking which were the source of the local products she purchased. 

After running through various ideas of how to best help both the environment and her longing to get back to small town living the idea of Jar'd was born. Late 2019 saw Katherine and her partner Eric re-locate to a farmstead outside Leduc, the move prompted by Eric's job with the Edmonton Fire Department and Katherine's desire to live in the country. In 2020 Jar'd opened it's doors on main street Leduc before moving online in 2024.  Outside of working hours you'll find Katherine and Eric working on their little farm, spending time with their daughter, and trying to get out to the mountains as often as possible. 

Jar'd combines Katherine's love of the historical charm found in re-purposed general stores and her new passion trying to keep the earth as healthy as possible. She can't wait to see you along the trail. 

To provide a comfortable, enjoyable shopping experience where you can trust that each product has been sourced responsibly in how it was made and packaged.

To reduce the amount of single use plastic and other packaging that is used for food and home goods.

To educate the public on ways to reduce their environmental impact through making changes in the way goods are purchased.

To foster community spirit and give back to local organizations.

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