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  • What is a mercantile?
    Check out our About section to learn more about what a mercantile means to us!
  • What are your delivery options?
    We will be looking to expand our delivery options very soon!
  • What products do you carry?
    We strive to carry a wide range of products for your whole life! Personal care products such as soaps, hair care, facial products and essential oils are in this category. Home goods include kitchen supplies, cleaners, candles and fabric items. We also carry some food products, some are pre-packaged and bulk items are coming soon!
  • What does local mean?
    To us, local means purchasing products made as close to home as possible. Unfortunately everything we use in our homes isn't always made in our home province. So while you'll find many products made in Alberta, you'll also find we've sourced our favourites from around Canada and even a couple things around the world. Wherever we source our products from, we make sure they are ethically made and to high environmental standards.
  • Didn't you used to have a store?
    Yes! We had two different brick and mortar stores before moving our operations to a delivery and pop up model! Looking for an in-person shopping experience? Check out where we're popping up next! Want your products delivered to you? Place and order for delivery and we can have your products on your step.
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