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This multi-purpose cleaner is great for cleaning any hard surface in your home. With all natural ingredients and a bright, fresh scent, this popular cleaner helps you make chores a little more fun. Cleaning your home while boosting your mood sounds like a win-win situation to us!


Shake it up! Because The Bare Co. are all about keeping things “bare”, they do not include any toxic emulsifiers in their products. When you receive your cleaners you will notice some separation. Shake well before each use.

Orange + Peppermint All Purpose Cleaner

  • Distilled water, saponified liquid coconut oil, witch hazel, orange and peppermint essential oils, tocopherol (vitamin e), love

  • Shake well. This all-purpose cleaner does not contain any toxic chemical emulsifiers.  Apply with a soft dry or wet cloth. There is no need to rinse.  

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