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Eco-friendly floss picks – the perfect combination of dental care and sustainability. Carefully crafted from corn starch and thoughtfully packaged in a compostable box, these floss picks are designed to impact your oral hygiene routine and the environment positively.

Experience the ultimate clean with Change's ultra-thin floss that effortlessly glide between even the tightest teeth, promoting healthy gums and effectively removing food particles and plaque. These floss picks feature textured surfaces to tackle those hard-to-reach areas, ensuring a thorough deep clean every time. Say goodbye to frustrating shredding experiences – these picks are shred-resistant, guaranteeing a reliable and effective cleaning experience.

Not only will these floss picks leave your mouth feeling fresh and revitalized, but they also prevent the unpleasant odour caused by trapped food particles. By choosing compostable floss picks made from silk, you’re making a conscious choice to join the sustainable movement.

After use, the entire flosser can be composted, completing its journey in a way that respects and nurtures the environment. Each box contains 50 floss picks. 

Compostable Flossers

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