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These toothbrushes are made from the highest and strongest quality Bamboo making them incomparable to regular plastic toothbrushes! The lightweight and extra durable bamboo handle will never splinter and is water resistant with natural antibacterial and antifungal components.

Bamboo Toothbrushes can biodegrade within 3 months! Unlike regular plastic brushes which can take up to 100 YEARS to break down! The packaging is 100% biodegradable too.

These toothbrushes last just as long as a standard plastic toothbrush (approx. 2-3 months) without any of the potentially harmful plastics and chemicals. 

Bristles are made from BPA free nylon to make them soft but still strong enough to remove all your unwanted stains. 

Bamboo Toothbrush

  • To compost break off the top of the toothbrush as the nylon bristles are not compostable. Throw away the head and home compost the handle.

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